One of the most important indicators of how well someone will do in their career is how strong their circle of mentors is. Those who have mentors are twice as likely to be promoted as those who don’t.  You need a wide range of mentors, and you need different mentors at different times in your life.

I’ve been very very lucky to have recently found mentors that I highly respect, trust and look up to. You want to build a network of mentors whom truly cares about your well-being and success and vice versa, not just someone that you go to when you need them.

Never ask someone if they can be your mentor. The thing is that having a mentor is nothing but asking questions. So why waste time asking a question like “Will you be my mentor?” You get no value out of the answer. Just ask a real question. Almost anyone will answer a good question. Successful people genuinely want to help others succeed.

Establish a good relationship to start, maintain & build an engaging relationship, ask enough intelligent well-thought-out (but concise) questions throughout, and your mentor will become your mentor before you even know it.

But above all, leverage your network and be brave. You will only get mentors if you really want them.