Building Custom Web Apps Right and Fast: Why rapid prototyping with Sketchflow and user research are the keys to success

Format: Free Webinar
Instructor: John Whalen PhD, Director, User Experience & Design, e.magination
Date: Thursday, May 27, 2010
Time: 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm EST
Place: Online Webinar
Fee: Free! Limited availability so register early.

In many cases the exact business requirements are ill defined, but the deadline for completion is not. We’ll demonstrate new software – Microsoft Sketchflow – and rapidly create a clickable prototype live with real transitions and flow. We will describe how the combination of rapid “sketching” combined with end-user research can rapidly move your project forward and provide the requirements needed for the actual build. Learn how prototyping can shorten your development lifecycle and simultaneously improve customer experience.

June 2010 Entrepreneur’s Forum
Financing Lean/Agile Startups

* What is an “lean” or “agile” startup? Do non-lean startups exist?
* What are viable options for financing a startup until you achieve profitability or fundability?
* Is “lean” a (temporary) stage of a startup or a (permanent) type of startup?
* If it’s a stage, what is the objective of the stage? What is a “product/market fit”. How do you know when you’ve achieved it?
* If it’s a type, what makes certain startups more applicable to the lean/agile approach than others? How do you finance startups not of that type?
* If you’ve already achieved a product/market mix, why would you then give away equity and control by seeking venture funding?
* What legal structures (LLC, C-Corp, S-Corp; Delaware vs. New York; etc) are most appropriate for the lean approach?
* What impact will proposed changes to angel finance regulations have on bootstrappers?
* What event should trigger a search for investment? Competition? Acceleration? Being first to market? Finding an application for a new technology? Funding development of an initial prototype? Sustaining a system with lots of users but no revenue model?
* Does ‘lean-ness’ change after financing? What should change about the way a startup spends money after a financing round?


* Graham Lawlor, Founder of Ultra Light Startups and CEO of BrightMap

Panelists (alphabetic order):

* Murat Aktihanoglu, Founder and CEO of Centrl Inc and organizer of Entrepreneurs Roundtable
* Brad Burnham, Partner at Union Square Ventures
* Joe Chin, Co-founder and CEO of SourcePad
* Peter Rothberg, Partner at Duane Morris