If you have aspirations to start your own business, watch the video as Ravikant discusses:

  • The three traits you need to look for in a partner
  • How important it is to be in Silicon Valley
  • How to get a meeting with an investor
  • Whether you should be public or private with your idea

Some excerpts that I love from the video:

3 Traits of a Successful Entrepreneur:

(i) Passionate (ii) Irrationally Optimistic (iii) Highly Committed

Best Advice Ever:

It’s the people, stupid

Find a great partner:

(i) High Intelligence (ii) High Energy (iii) High Integrity

Keep your ideas private or public?

Always public. That’s what separates the amateurs from the experienced.

Why most companies fail:

It all comes down to people problems. Interpersonal conflicts. Surprising, but ironic.

Show. Don’t tell. Be a doer, not a talker. (what have you built, how much have you accomplished with limited resources?)

Watch the video here.